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The PhD program in History aims at training graduate students with a solid background in historical studies to achieve a high scientific level in the different branches of the historical research. It allows to deepen the knowledge and the analytic skills of the students about the historical processes in different periods, from the pre-classical to the contemporary age, and in a multiple, European and non-European, spatial context.

The present PhD program in History, which has been running since 2013 (Cycle XXIX), arises from the coupling of two former courses already active at the University of Pavia, whose training experience it carries on: the PhD program in “Institutions, Ideas, Political Movements in Contemporary Europe” – afterwards reorganized as PhD in “ History ” – and the PhD program in “ History and civilisations of the Mediterranean Area in Pre-classical, Classical and Middle Age. Spaces, cultures, interactions ”.

The PhD program covers two different research fields:
Civilisations of the Mediterranean Area in Pre-classical, Classical and Middle Age
Society, Politics and Institutions in Modern and Contemporary Age

- Pre-classical ancient Near-East
- Ancient history and historiography
- Greek, Etruscan, and Roman archaeology, topography and art
- History and civilisation of Greek and Latin Middle Age.

This reseach field focuses on the civilisations of the Mediterranean area, a renowned place of encounter and cultural confrontation, from the period of great Oriental empires in the remotest Antiquity to Middle Age. The main character of this scientific area is its high degree of interdisciplinarity in didactics and research. This new perspective, going beyond disciplinary boundaries, is meant to form deeply competent specialists in history of the Mediterranean area, equipped with a high level common background of knowledge, who can enter the academic career and use their expertise in scientific or teaching activity, as well as in preservation and promotion of cultural heritage in the different Mediterranean countries.

The research field SOCIETY, POLITICS AND INSTITUTIONS IN MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY AGE includes the following topics:
- Modern and Contemporary History
- Constitutional and Administrative History
- History and Politics of European Integration
- History of Asia and Africa

This research program enables PhD students to work on the long periods of history, overcoming traditional turning points and taking into account the outcomes of complex phenomena in a multiple spatial context. Multidisciplinary analytical skills are thus trained and improved, as well as special interpretative capabilities. Such skills and capabilities will be regularly checked by tutors and within the frame of lectures, national and international conferences, seminars and series of lectures, workshops/ateliers meant to compare individual research improvements with well-established field of studies and with the most recent assets in historiographic research.
The overall goal of the program is to train experts with high historical qualification who can enter the academic career, the cultural and media management, as well as national public service, European and international organizations with special focus on institutions for cooperation and development.

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