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1st Winter School on Public Diplomacy
University of Pavia
2nd - 6th December 2019

You can find the final program, useful informations and materials, as well as all the information necessary for the application at the following link: publicdiplomacy.unipv.it/

The Winter School on Public Diplomacy at the University of Pavia will
offer participants the unique opportunity of familiarizing themselves with
both theory and practice of public diplomacy, broadly defined. Public
diplomacy aims at building networks and communicating compelling
narratives to foreign publics by drawing on the resources that make
countries attractive internationally, from culture to foreign and security
policies. Participants will attend daily sessions concentrating on different
areas of public diplomacy in the past as in present: ‘landscape
diplomacy’, ‘diplomacy of archeology’, ‘Nation branding and perception
framing’ as well as ‘diplomacy of ideas’. Each session will be introduced
by prominent scholars, chaired by the conveners and followed by
interactive afternoon seminars, including workshops and discussions.
To register, please send a message to:
claudia.agrestino01@universitadipavia.it and ilaria.poggiolini@unipv.it
listing your academic status (master or PhD student, post-doc, professor)
motivation and university affiliation before 11 November 2019.
No tuition fee for candidates from Coimbra Universities. Participants will
cover their travel and accommodation costs. Information regarding
university accommodation can be provided.
Actively attending our Winter school on Public Diplomacy (attendance,
active participation and at least one final paper are required) will entitle
participants to receive 2 ECTS. If you are seeking credit transfer from the
winter school do contact the office in your university that deals with
external credit and we will link it with ours.

In attachment the program of the Winter School.

This event is supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR):
“Dipartimenti di Eccellenza Program (2018–2022)” - Dept. of Humanities, University of Pavia

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