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2021 Balzan Prize a Giorgio e Marilyn Buccellati: Interdisciplinary Forum and Awards Ceremony

We would like to let you know about two events, related to the “2021 Balzan Prize”, that you may find of interest: you will find the two notices at avasa.it/ZG630e and avasa.it/ZG701e.

In detail, the notices deal with an interdisciplinary forum (Thursday, June 30, 1:30 PM CEST) and the awards ceremony (Friday, July 1, 5:00 PM CEST) of the “2021 Balzan Prize”, involving the participation of Prof. Giorgio Buccellati and Prof. Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati. The two events will be held in Berna (Switzerland) and will be live streamed at the following link (“International Balzan Prize Foundation”): https://www.balzan.org/en/.

The link is also available in the aforementioned notices posted on “AVASA” (avasa.it/ZG630e and avasa.it/ZG701e)
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